If You Think This Is About You; Send A DM My Way

My love note fingers are itching again
Cos I’m craving to write that next romance title
But it’s impossible to employ the precision to aim
When you’re surrounded by Mr and Mrs Cunt 2016
So when I write my next candy floss babble
About the majesty of their bottomless gaze
Feel free to intercept the trajectory
Cos it’s about you! It’s about whoever wants it

Cos my hearts craving infatuation
It’s craving a new obsession
Something to steal every new thought
A new recipient of my love letters

A coffee shop romance novel
A soliloquy from the otherside of the bar?
Whatever you want, you got it girl
I’ll attach my notebook to your veins
And cure your romantic waning
Cos god know I’m falling back on tropes

A fabricated narrative for your grandkids
A note to find in a box of nostalgia
A campfire tale about your lost love
It’s a blank cheque, go nuts with it
I’m no use to myself clearly
I’m like mayonnaise trying to be a main course
So apply me to your daydream lessons
My only point on this earth is to enhance

So pop in your request now
I can create it in any form you need
Meek and shy
Bold and assertive
Anything to keep me scribbling
My only way of life


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