Lied Too – Part 2 (Love Song #561)

I suspect fiction, a diabolical coup by Asmodeus
To strike me with a bitter doses of nostalgia in my psyche
At the worse time imaginable to debilitate me
Exams creep closer, as I’m drowning in the cognitive sea
Hoping to entice me back into his ranks
By reminding me out good that first hit felt
But why is it we allow that poison into our bodies?
Cos I wanna feel like a new day in a past life is a possibility
Like that final season, always promised but sadly absent
Whatever, I’ll let my dreams bring her back to my doorstep

And when you see me, you won’t see me once again
But see me for the first ever time, see the real me
What is it you’ll see? Will you see something of beauty
Will you be happy to finally meet this me?
Will you have trouble adjusting to this ‘they’ as me?
Or will you not be too fussed, cos deep down you knew
That this is always where it was leading, since our first due,
When you caught me outside Williams, was this what you’d seen?
And more importantly if you liked what you see,
Would it possibly encourage you to cross the binary?

Even without my reckless whisper echoing in your ear
Will you grab a bite of ambition and abandon all you hold deer?
To where the best in you field currently go to grow
Cos it just so happens to be the same place, where I’m a stone’s throw
Maybe I could introduce to a few of your peers?
All it takes is a 3 course meal of swallowing your fears

And that’s when against all the odds, you step foot into my land
With a year lease and an acceptance letter for Trent in hand
You tell me it’s a cause to celebrate, yeah to say the least
We get ready for a night’s tour, ending in Jerusalem to the east
You and I even get the chance to trade jewellery for the night
By the time we’re ready it’s an unfathomable sight
A million years away from the timid thing from the middle of Essex
Now the kind of woman that’s an example of humanity at it’s apex

Wouldn’t it be cruel if the epitome of my dreams were fiction?
As you claw your way back into my mind with perfect diction
We’re late back to mine, meaning it’s too late, I’m patient zero
My life and future’s all in your hands, as I lay sweating on my pillow
Oh bacteriophage never looked so exquisite
With a custom painted leather jacket and cherry black lipstick
And when you undid the choke hold your shorts had on your perfect arse
It suddenly occurs me this past decade’s been a bit of a farce
Now matter how hard I prayed, No matter how I tired to distract
Well I don’t think it’s possible to possess any amount of tact
To admit there’s no company, from yesterday to way back
That lasted an evening, or were a several year long pact
That compared to even a few seconds passing by you in the halls
So when you consider our few years, it’s no contest at all

Oh it feels like chewing earwax to drop something that huge
I feel like I’ve aged 50 years and become Mr. Scrooge
But how can I deny it now I’ve been let back into your company
You slink around every inch of my body, with immediate familiarity
What have I now got to worry about? Now I’m back home in your thighs
Recalling the faintest feeling of hope, during this cataclysmic high
It brings tears to my eyes, blurring my sight, draining me of any fight
The stuttering the sighs, digging in your nails as you grip me tight
Sinking teeth into the jugular to cure your appetite
A screeching frequency, sure to reach the satellite
My conscious is fading with a rising Fahrenheit
I can’t recall my name, let alone recall a rhyme
I can’t recall my past, I refuse to acknowledge any future
Any life to live outside this moment is the start of devastation
My home for a self-inflicted stasis, to stay here until starvation
With your inner thighs covering my hearing
Sounds for little moans most endearing
I’m a goner, no calling for help, I’m tongue tied
The end is neigh, I’ve found my perfect place to die…

Oh but wouldn’t it be so cruel, if at the peak of my elation
It turns out it was just another work of cognitive fi-

Sebastian Noël

The XXXXXXXXX series

Here’s a compilation of them poems I christen the ‘XXXXXXXXX’ series in what is in many ways a chronological order of events, some of these take years before I finish them so if you want to see my heart be destroyed in a canonical timeline, now you can!



2) Byakko

3) Another Draft Of History

4) Feeder

5) Detachment Blues

6) Being Honest

7) Aftermath

Sebastian Noël

If You Think This Is About You; Send A DM My Way

My love note fingers are itching again
Cos I’m craving to write that next romance title
But it’s impossible to employ the precision to aim
When you’re surrounded by Mr and Mrs Cunt 2016
So when I write my next candy floss babble
About the majesty of their bottomless gaze
Feel free to intercept the trajectory
Cos it’s about you! It’s about whoever wants it

Cos my hearts craving infatuation
It’s craving a new obsession
Something to steal every new thought
A new recipient of my love letters

A coffee shop romance novel
A soliloquy from the otherside of the bar?
Whatever you want, you got it girl
I’ll attach my notebook to your veins
And cure your romantic waning
Cos god know I’m falling back on tropes

A fabricated narrative for your grandkids
A note to find in a box of nostalgia
A campfire tale about your lost love
It’s a blank cheque, go nuts with it
I’m no use to myself clearly
I’m like mayonnaise trying to be a main course
So apply me to your daydream lessons
My only point on this earth is to enhance

So pop in your request now
I can create it in any form you need
Meek and shy
Bold and assertive
Anything to keep me scribbling
My only way of life


Breaking Annual Tradition

Poka dot fastens, dolly shoes, white cozy warmers,
Outdated leather 2 for 15 leather belt, rapidly aging boat shoes,
Dime store bracelets and local band memorabilia,
A pile of evidence of the experiences and locals we’ve met in our lives
Reduced to a corusework final piece collage scattered on my floor
A rump and bump on the surface, a vial to survive inside

They look you up and down in disgust
They leave you to rot in the chambers
They cry when your not there at seconds notice
They groan when your insecure
They treat you like a whore
They rape you in the forest
Then they expect you to jump when they clap cos they’re bored
You hide behind a smile, why did you never tell me this before?

Don’t relent, don’t hold back
Paint me with every inch of your pain
Dig your nails into the cracks of my head
Smash your hips into my stomach
Crash your fist into my face
Paint disappear with my blood
Before pulling me up to chew into my throat
Discard me on to the carpet
Scream at me, demand some answers
Why? Why? Why are you treated this way?
What did you do? What have you done?

I come back to life and root my palms
Into the meadows of your hair
I place myself in between those gorgeous lips
And perform an improvised acapella
In a thin hope It could convey my devotion
Lets break the annual tradition
It looks like our little ceremony can’t wait
Lets pull up the bubble around us
Pretend there’s no world outside
Just our little council owned sanctuary
Not until you recalculate your value
Each step you take here puts me in the red
Each kiss you lay on my skin, is a villa sold
Each sway you perform on this frail body
That’s another European state in debt

Until that invoice is etched into your mind
We’ll drink as much Capri-Suns
And watch as many pastel overflows
Listen to as many Bubblegum drop hits
As your heart desires
You can stay nestled in my chest
And absorb the beats of my heart
For as long as you need

A follow up to ‘Lets Make This Annual’

– Lnc0