God it pisses me off when you love me
But being mad ain’t no fun either
I guess I just want to reside in the battlefield
Where romance stays Hollywood, no matter the cost
For every wound we tend to
We make sure another replaces it
Sure beats making a bed in the ashes
Bored as can be

My greatest memories were never content days
Is anyone’s best memories the content days?
I remember the times you said you loved me
Just moments after telling me to die
The times you’d poke the land mines
Just to see if it was still live
Repugnant to the on looker
Polarising to the sane
But nothing made me thank god for this life
Like seeing the fire come to life in your eyes

You could never second guess our devotion
When the price of admission was so high
As you make the journey to square up to me
Only as you arrive, to end up kissing me
Cos lord knows I love it when your pissed at me
Cos being mad with you is a hell of a lot of fun


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